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Shipping Batteries By Express DHL FedEx UPS TNT

Small batteries shipped by UPS DHL FedEx TNT are the good shipping ways. Shipping batteries by express is simpler way than other shipping way. Each international express companies have well experienced for shipping lithium batteries and other batteries. Batteries packages capacitance, voltage current must follow express company. When batteries arrive express companies they will use the professional measurement instrument to check each batteries packages. When you order batteries shipped by your freight forwarder they will let you know or they will repack follow lithium batteries shipping requirements.

Faster shipping than shipping batteries by sea or shipping batteries by air. General it only takes 3~5 days. Many clients want to receive the batteries urgently, batteries is one of the small part but it is very important part of the machine.

Shipping batteries by express is cheaper shipping way, batteries have a few weight. By air at least 45 KGS only to airport services. By sea freight shipping from China minimums need one cubic metre.

Our company has many years of experience shipping lithium batteries USP shipping lithium batteries FedEx express.

We can handle lithium batteries by UPS express, DHL express, FedEx express from China to Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Mexico, United States, Puerto Rico, Britain, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Greece, Portugal, Brazil, Czech Republic, Hungary, Australia.